You probably know the song “My N*gga” or perhaps the less popular songs “Some Type of Way” and “Choices.” Rich Homie Quan has made quite the appearance in 2013. His “My N*gga” song became the new party anthem and people were starting to recognize his name.

I like to categorize Rich Homie Quan’s music in the “SO BAD THAT IT’S GOOD” category. You can’t understand 90 percent of what he says in “Some Type of Way,” but you’re still stuck singing the refrain all day long.

Rich Homie Quan (whose real name is actually Dequantes Lamar) is represented by Def Jam Recordings, the record label who also represents Rihanna, Rick Ross, YG, and Ludacris. He’s definitely someone to keep an eye out for in the upcoming year. While he doesn’t produce the most influential music, he still has some of the best “turn up” songs.


REAL WORLD- like never before

By Jeanie Dedelow

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve been religiously watching the Real World this season. I haven’t actually watched the show since Real World: Key West in 2006 (We all remember whiny but gorgeous Svetlana). Well, this year, I started watching because of my roommate. It turns out Thomas and Hailey (2 of the cast members) went to her high school. And that was it. After one or two episodes, I was hooked.

The thing that is so great about the TWENTY-NINTH season (has there really been this many?) is the twist the directors threw in. It’s called Real World: Ex-plosion. At the start of the show, there are six original housemates (well 7, but one got kicked off because she was crazy AF). Immediately, it’s an incest fest and all of the roommates start hooking up… duh. This obviously provides for quite a bit of in-house drama. AS IF THIS WASN’T BAD ENOUGH, the 6 house members’ exes move in to the house. WATCH OUT.

Shit has hit the fan. More drama and fights than one could possibly imagine. It’s trash TV that makes me feel slightly dumber when I watch it, but damn do I love it. Not only do I love every ounce of drama that goes down, I also love the characters.

Thomas– the cute and innocent Texan that you can’t help but love

Arielle– the sexy lesbian girl who (mostly) always has her shit together

Jay–  the ironically sweet and sensitive Italian boy from the Bronx who always has the best of intentions

Cory– the beefy muscle guy that clearly has some anger issues

Jamie– the girl with tattoos and gauges. fun, spunky, and somewhat of a mystery

Jenny– MY FAVORITE. This blonde boobylicious lady is always up for a good time… However, I strongly question her taste in men.

This Real World season has become my guilty pleasure. If you like to indulge once in a while, I highly advise checking this out… Set your DVR to record or get the full episodes on MTV’s website.


Valentines Day House of Cards Binge

By Vanna Nguyen

Netflix is releasing their second season on Valentines Day. House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, is back for more wicked, conniving and backstabbing culture of politics. Whats a more perfect release date for all you singles? Hell, I’m not even single and I’m ditching this Hallmark holiday to binge watch 13 episodes with my girlfriends.

Spacey is brilliant in his role as Frank Underwood. His character is all about power and the fluency of it as he uses this as leverage in his marital affairs and and his position in public office. It isn’t just about politics but all the drama that surrounds it and the injustice that goes on behind the scenes as he plays each person like a game piece to climb Washington’s capital chain. The dark and cold cinematography of each episode eludes to the cynical nature of each character. House of Cards plays with how contemporary society communicates and allows the audience to engage with the politic drama.

The anticipated journey of each ambitious character to achieve their political goals is well, juicy. Scandals, late night rendezvous, men in suits and Kevin Spacey breaking into a fourth wall to talk directly to you? I can’t think of a better way to spend V-Day.




Girls, an HBO show, is in the midst of its third season. It’s the story of twenty-something-year-old women living in Brooklyn, NY, trying to figure out what to do with their lives. If you’re a 21-year-old woman like me, you’ll find this relatable, hilarious, and addictive. But what the heck is going on this season?

The first time I watched Girls, I was addicted. I’d lay in bed late at night and literally laugh out loud. I’m sure my roommate thought I was somewhat of a freak. But this season has taken a strange turn. It’s rather gloomy and depressing. I’m not LOL-ing anymore. Instead, when the show ends, I’m saying WTF THAT WAS SO MESSED UP. I guess it’s more realistic, but it’s a little too whacky for me.

So, should you still watch it? YES. Start from the beginning. You’ll fall in love with each of the extremely strange and extraordinarily different characters. Just take the third season with a grain of salt. I’m still hoping this third season goes back to the LOL funny plot line that I fell in love with.

IF YOU ARE A GIRLS FAN, you have to look at this buzzfeed. #TEAMSHOSHI!

By Jeanie Dedelow

The Best, the Worst, and the Odd

By Emily Weiss

At $4 million dollars a commercial, brand after brand competed, maybe even harder than the Seahawks and Broncos, for the best commercial. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just plain odd. But let’s take a look at them all and see what you think.

The Good:

Coca-Cola: In about minute’s worth of time, Coca-Cola was able to instill this sense of nationalism and unity of what makes America, well, America. Singing “America, the Beautiful” in different languages gave a sense of  patriotism and of what makes America and Coke great.

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”: Everyone loves puppies, especially cute little ones that fall into a “star-crossed lovers” relationship with a horse. Come on, these #bestbudz are hard not to smile at.

Doritos “Time Machine”: Doritos figured out time travel, and it actually worked! And the best part was it only cost $200 to make as it was apart of Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.

The Bad:

Heinz: Although it was their first commercial in sixteen years, it failed to tell the truth. A “pat-pat” on the ketchup bottle does little to nothing to get anything to come out and plus that song was sure to get stuck in people’s heads.

Chevrolet: It was quite weird to see cows involved in a sexual innuendo to the song of “You Sexy Thing,” to be quite honest. You should have gotten the memo and stuck with puppies!

Bud Light: This, I have to say, was definitely the oddest commercial out there. The only thing I can say about it was a llama, Don Cheadle, an elevator, and an intense ping-pong game with Arnold Schwarzenegger combine to create the most confusing commercial to date.

So, what do you think? Comment on what you thought about this year’s commercials!

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by Marcella Bianchi

<p><a href=”″>DRAKEWEATHER.COM</a&gt; from <a href=””>Tom Galle</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

As the temperature continues to dwindle, checking the weather can be a depressing activity. There is nothing worse than checking only to find that the high for the day is in the negatives. In order to make checking the weather a more enjoyable experience I present to you: Drake Weather.

The website transforms the “Nothing Was the Same” album art into a weather forecast. The background art changes to reflect the current weather. On a nice day Drake’s face would be features on a background of clear blue skies, but if there’s a thunderstorm outside the background features thunder and rain.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive weather report this probably isn’t the site for you. However, Drake Weather is definitely fun and worth checking out.

What The F*** Did I Do?

By Emily Weiss

Yes, that was in fact the first words Justin Bieber said to the police after being pulled over. Well Justin, you were drunk, drag-racing and driving with no license, so you’re right you should be confused to why you are being arrested.


The notorious Justin Bieber was arrested last Thursday in Miami, as if vandalism wasn’t enough. Apparently, it started when Justin in a yellow Lamborghini and Khalil Sharieff in a red Ferrari raced in a residential area of Miami Beach. The road was blocked off by two black SUVs, which first got the cops attention.

The officer on the scene pulled Bieber over but he “was not cooperating with the officer’s instructions” and dropping a lot of “F” bombs. Justin smelled of liquor and resisted arrest when he failed to keep his hands on the car so the officer could search for weapons. Justin blew a .04 BAC but being 19, that is illegal. Sorry Justin, I guess those police men did not like your puny muscles or girly music.

Bail was set and obviously posted. He was then seen leaving the prison as he stood on his SUV and waved goodbye to fans.


Justin Bieber never seems to leave us bored. His weird and wild escapades of the last few months is proof. What’s next? Vandalizing the White House? Elephant racing in New York City? I am not sure, but I am sure that there will be something.

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And they did it again. Old Spice came out with a laugh-out-loud funny commercial for their men’s body spray that you actually want to watch. It’s creepily hilarious.

The ad makes both moms and boys feels like Old Spice is the golden ticket for entering in to manhood. The moms follow their sons around as they pick up chicks, crying about how Old Spice has sprayed their sons in to men.  My personal favorite line from the commercial: “He was just my little sweetie. Tiny fingers, hands, and feetie. Now, he’s touching, kissing, feeling all the women because Old Spice.” Oh, and don’t forget the extra creepy mom disguised as the Chucky-looking janitor in the cafeteria.

While I’m neither a teenage boy nor a Mom with a son, I can’t help but watch it over and over again. The “OOOOOLD SPICE” bit has been in my head since I first saw it during the Packers’ game. According to my mom, every mother has that moment when her boy starts wearing colognes and going after the ladies. Either way, it’s hilarious and creepy and everything you’d want from a men’s spray commercial.

The Wolf of Wall Street Revealed

By Emily Weiss


The Wolf of Wall Street seems like another ingenious film by the notorious Scorsese, but in recent days it has proved to be much more. A movie about the glamorous con-world filled with penny-stocks, champagne, and greed seems to have more truth to Christina McDowell than anyone else.

Christina McDowell is the daughter of Tom Prousalis, a former business associate of Jordan Belfort, who is played by the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio and has recently wrote an exclusive letter to LA Weekly condemning the movie for celebrating the actions and life of a monster who ruined her, but also many other’s lives.

McDowell goes into the details of her past life when times were good. “I drove a white Range Rover in high school, snorted half of Colombia, and got any guy I ever wanted because my father would take them flying in his King Air.” Seems like a pretty good life to me, but then again the act had to end sometime. McDowell later describes after her father went to prison she was “left with $100,000 in debt” and lived a life completely different than her former.

McDowell criticizes for making this man into the protagonist of the movie. This movie according to her, “exacerbates our national obsession with wealth and status and glorifying greed and psychopathic behavior.” Was Scorsese and DiCaprio just trying to show some insight into the past or highlighting the corruption and greed that seems to never leave Wall Street? That is for you to decide. Comment on what you think!

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By Emily Weiss


A typical Christmas card is filled with bright ugly Christmas sweaters, fake smiles, and someone struggling to hold the dog in place. But not this Christmas card. This viral and hilarious Christmas card, or rather video, made by the Holderness family of Raleigh, NC will put other cards to shame.

Their card is called “Christmas Jammies” or #XMASJAMMIES and is to the tune of Will Smith’s “Miami.”Much more extravagant and hyped, this video still reports on each family members achievements of 2013…Including the dad’s vasectomy! A little personal Mr. Holderness, a little personal.  Despite this reveal, the video includes the family dancing around in their matching “Christmas Jammies” and rapping about their year. Although no Eminem or Lil Wayne, the rap is coordinated and catchy. Yes, it will get stuck in your head. But the little boy’s cuteness factor definitely  makes up for the questionable card.

If you have not watched the video yet, you must take a look. There’s nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit than watching a 40-something-year-old dance around in one piece pajamas!

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